Queuing Studies

G Traffic Solutions can provide the Queues information with minimum, maximum and spot queue in any intervals, Average queue length and Queue at the start of Green phase and Queue delay surveys etc. We even have experience of tracking the queue back from one exit of the motorway to the other using multiple cameras. Queue length Surveys provides information on length of queues that vehicles at legs of the junction are experiencing. Queue Length Surveys is the study of traffic behaviour near a certain section where demand exceeds available capacity. It is so clear that road intersection will be the bayonet of traffic capacity and safety. Therefore, it is significant to study the intersection flow to improve the congested traffic and maintain social order.

A typical queue length study involves recording the number of vehicles in a queue just prior to the red signal changing to green for one or more legs of an intersection.  When there are multiple lanes, the number of vehicles in the longest queue only, or in each lane separately, can be recorded.  In some situations where queues do not clear within a single traffic signal phase, the volume of vehicles remaining at the start of the new red phase can be collected.

Need of Queue length studies:
Queue length Surveys provide detailed information relating to the length of queues that vehicles on each arm are experiencing at a specific intersection at certain peak times of the day.