Parking Studies

G Traffic Solutions has undertaken a vast number of parking surveys across the globe and has a large pool of experienced survey staff capable of accurately undertaking:

  • Inventory studies

  • Duration of stay studies

  • Occupancy studies

  • Utilisation studies

Our experienced staff can help you with the Survey Data collection and reporting methods can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

Parking is one of the major problems that are created by the increasing road traffic. It is an impact of transport development. The availability of less space in urban areas has increased the demand for parking space especially in areas like Central business district. This affects the mode choice also. This has a great economical impact.  Traffic survey solutions undertake different Parking surveys and offer services in Internal Circulation and Parking Layout design for parking facilities.

We have expertise in processing parking surveys on Streets, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Parking lots. We can do the total In/Out of the parking, On-street parking, Off street parking, Right angle parking, Parallel parking and degree of parking.