Customized Counts

G Traffic Solutions expertise in traffic data extraction services as per the client and their unique requirements. Vehicle Counting is to count the number of vehicles passing through the given study stretch according to their vehicle type and Speed Extraction is to extract the speed of different types of vehicles entering a specified study stretch. Vehicles can be categorized in numerous ways. For example Freight classifications & Vehicle classifications based on axle configurations, typically over 24-hour, 48-hour and 7-day time periods. This report delivers lane-by-lane classifications.

Traffic behaves in a complex and nonlinear way, depending on the interactions of a large number of vehicles. Due to the individual reactions of human drivers, vehicles do not interact simply following the laws of mechanics, but rather display cluster formation and shock wave propagation, both forward and backward, depending on vehicle density. Some mathematical models of traffic flow use a vertical queue assumption, in which the vehicles along a congested link do not spill back along the length of the link.  In a free-flowing network, traffic flow theory refers to the traffic stream variables of speed, flow, and concentration. These relationships are mainly concerned with uninterrupted traffic flow, primarily found on freeways or expressways.