Road Volume Counts

G Traffic Solutions  provides an accurate report of Road Volume Data which is also known as Midblock Counts or Link Counts which measures the total vehicle volume and the details lane wise classifications and traffic volumes. The total vehicle volume typically over 24-hour, 48-hour and 7-day time periods. This report delivers volumes for up to twelve lanes of bi-directional traffic and is useful for average daily traffic counts. Volume count data can help identify critical flow time periods, determine the influence of large vehicles or pedestrians on vehicular traffic flow, or document traffic volume trends.

A road volume count is a count of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, which is conducted along a particular road, path, or intersection. Traffic counts use local councils to identify which routes are used most and to either improve that road or provide an alternative if there is an excessive amount of traffic.

Necessity of Road Volume Counts:

Road Volume Counts study is conducted to understand the traffic characteristics in term of average daily traffic, traffic composition, peak hour traffic and directional crack at individual survey locations. This survey is carried out the result for many types of Highways projects to understand the variety of vehicles that passes over 24 hours a day.

It is also an important part of Town Planning, especially for a town planner.  It includes counting the number of vehicles passing through a survey station. It is used to Checking the efficiency/saturation of the road network by comparing current traffic volume with the calculated capacity or by identifying levels of service.