midblock counts

Midblock Counts

G Traffic Solutions can deliver accurate reports of Midblock counts which is also known as link counts means the volume of vehicles crossing an arbitrary line, some distance from an intersection. This counts it is based on the classification of vehicles. Midblock counts may have some classifications but it involves only the classifications of vehicles. This type of survey is carried out where the Movement of the vehicles are a point to point. Ex: – North to South / East to West. We can undertake link flow of Vehicles at all types of locations. Usually, data is bi-directionally and it can record in quarterly or hourly periods. The time periods and Vehicle Classifications can vary depending upon the requirement of client’s.

A study should be completed to determine the need for a mid-block crossing, which integrates roadway width, traffic volume, traffic speed and type, desired lines for pedestrian movement and conterminous land use. Heavily travelled areas that have high incidences of random crossings are good candidates for mid-block crossings, including schools, shopping centers, transit centres, and college campuses. Install a midblock crosswalk where there is a substantial pedestrian desire line. Patronize applications include midblock bus stops, metro stations, parks, plazas, building entrances and midblock passageways.

In Midblock counts there are two ways to count.

  1. Away from camera                 2.   Towards camera

In this count, the middle of the road is taken as count line for away from the camera and towards the camera as per the directions required. For example west to east, north to south.