Punctuality Surveys

G Traffic Solutions provides an accurate report on arrival time, duration of stay and departure time of vehicles with registration number for Rail, Bus or any transport services. We do process detailed report on passengers entering and exiting a Bus stand or a Railway station at required given time and passenger movement (entry/exit) in to the vehicles at given locations. We also provide the queue at the ticketing offices. The punctuality surveys identifies the travel pattern and from where they originates and finish their journey.

Punctuality surveys enable passengers to rate the journey on the basis of various parameters. These include the time taken waiting for the bus or train, their satisfaction with the overall journey and their view of whether they received value for money.

Bus Punctuality

Public bus service plays a consequential role in our community to facilitate travels within towns and districts. It is an significant component of the public transportation industry thus becoming the backbone to a city performance. The services of public bus is always being regarded as rather, belittle as second class means of transportation. Punctuality of bus service is a quantitative measure of reliability. Reliability of service as planned is one key element in observing the quality of bus service and the punctuality index is one of the performance parameters in determining the service reliability. Punctuality, in particulars, is the comparison of actual departure times with scheduled departure times at station or stops. Reliability and punctuality has been predominantly monitored through manual self-reporting systems.

Rail Punctuality

Arriving on time is clearly significant to rail passengers. Analysis of the National Passenger Survey, which Transport Focus carries out twice each year, shows that punctuality and reliability is the most significant factor determining most passengers’ overall satisfaction with the journey. Trains lose punctuality due to factors related to its internal working as well as external factors of which railways are not in control of long distance passenger train is considered punctual if it is at most 5 minutes behind schedule.  Punctuality is presented as a percentage of trains that have departed from their station of departure and arrived at their final destination less than 3 minutes behind schedule.