Number Plate Recognition Surveys

G Traffic Solutions provides number plate recognition information with detailed report on vehicle numbers.  For number plate recognition, High definition cameras are used for extracting the digital number manually. License plate capture is typically performed by specialized cameras designed specifically for the task.

Vehicles are identified by their license plate numbers, which are easily readable by humans but not machines. In the parking, the recognition of license plates is used to calculate the duration in which the car has been parked. When a vehicle arrives at the entrance to the parking, the registration number is automatically recognized and stored in the database. When the vehicle leaves the parking later and reaches the door, the registration number of the plate is recognized again and compared to the first stored in the database. The time difference is used to calculate the cost of parking.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition Technology (ANPR) is designed to identify a vehicle’s DNA, manufacturer, and model, body, and plate color .The statistical story can be collected to ameliorate business processes. The system will capture the registration number plates of wrongdoers’ vehicles. In addition, we use GPS data fillers which record the time, date, travelling speed, altitude and GPS location at preset or manually-chosen intervals. The collected data are exported so it can be viewed on Google Earth or Google Map.

Importance of ANPR:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is one such application that has become an essential good for managing traffic and enforcing rules. It can also be used effectively for security. Indian cities have a multitude of transport vehicles from bicycles, handcarts, motorized two wheelers, three wheelers, cars, heavy vehicles, etc. With some exceptions for heavy vehicles, all these vehicles run on the same city roads and have varying speeds. All motorized vehicles have a unique registration/license number which is displayed on the front and the back of the vehicles and the ANPR application detects and recognizes this vehicle number automatically when in view of the CCTV camera.