Roundabout Counts

G Traffic Solutions expertise in Roundabout counts with large volumes of data across the globe. Classified vehicle movements passing through the Roundabout are captured. We process the total turning movement volume of a roundabout with details of entry and exit and movement inside the roundabout for each Arm. Our team is expert in analyzing 3-Arms, 4-Arms, 5-Arms & 6-Arms roundabout locations. We are also tracking vehicles movement in roundabout using multiple cameras. Traditionally, vehicles are tracked from entering the roundabout through circulation until they exit.

A roundabout is a circular structure in the road at a place where several roads meet. You drive around it until you come to the road that you want. The movements of vehicles within a roundabout in a country can be either clockwise direction or anticlockwise direction according to the direction of traffic whether it drives left or right. It is important to know the number of vehicles making each turning movement, to determine whether a roundabout or an intersection would work best in a particular location or not. Also a roundabout turning count is more complex than the other junction turning counts since there can be multiple roads entering and exiting the intersection and at a time all vehicles starts their running, no signal is there that one vehicle should be wait for another.

Need of roundabout counts:

A roundabout brings together combating traffic streams, allows the streams to safely blend and transom the roundabout, and exits the streams to their desired directions. Reduced driver confusion associated with erect line junctions and reduced queuing associated with a Traffic light. Roundabout also gives us some more important benefits such as community benefits like Aesthetic landscaping and more green space and Crosswalks included for pedestrians and bicyclists.