Pedestrian Counts

G Traffic Solutions can provide Pedestrian Counts which are usually made to evaluate the existing or proposed pedestrian facilities. Pedestrian count data helps the transport department to plan for footbridge near complex junction to avoid the vehicle traffic disturbance. Pedestrian Counts are made at locations such as mid-blocks, sidewalks, street corner, intersecting paths in a park, retail store entrance crosswalks, and transit stations. A study and analysis of the number and kinds of people passing by a particular location, determining the potential buying power in a given area. Our team is able to process pedestrian’s crosswalk movement along with vehicle classifications at any junctions.

The pedestrian count has specific application for each of three important criteria for CBD pedestrian planning: mobility, safety, and pleasure.
The main objective of Pedestrian survey is to assess the pedestrian flow along and across the intersecting arm at the important junction and mid blocks to suggest improvement for safe movement of pedestrians. The special pedestrian survey needs to be conducted when the alignment passes by such locations, like School, Hospitals.