Intersection Counts

G Traffic Solutions can provide reports from small T-junctions and X -junction to complex junctions. Analysis can be customized to meet your specific requirements. This includes peak hour summaries, visual diagrams showing vehicle movements and classifications by vehicle type.

Intersection counts are taken to determine vehicle turning movements like, Through, Right, Left & U turns with different classifications at an intersection. Data collected are mainly used in determining for channelization and computing capacity of the intersections. The data is also used in making decisions at a planning-level traffic impact analyses, as well as operational analyses-level signal installation and timing.

We have expertise in processing intersection counts with large volumes of data across global locations. All classification of vehicle movements as well as pedestrian and bicycles passing through the intersection are captured. Our Turning Movement Count or Intersection Count gives highly accurate data for the number of straight, left-turn, right-turn and u-turn movements for each leg of the intersection. We are processing complex junctions for 12hrs, 24hrs and 48hrs. Intersection count also includes delay data capture, Cycle movements and Pedestrian counts.