Bicycle Counts

G Traffic Solutions can deliver an outstanding accurate data of bicycle counts for different locations. The locations can be intersections, on road, sidewalks, street corner, intersecting paths in a park, retail store entrance.  Collecting more data can help for better bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Data is also helpful to increase usage and reductions in collisions when compared to past collision data.

Bicycle counts can be conducted to determine existing travel patterns and demand, Identify corridors where current use and the potential for increased use is high, Track trends over time., Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and/ or facilities to promote walking and biking, Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and evaluate the impact of different design treatments on collision rates, Identify locations for pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements and design appropriate treatments.

There are some categories of cyclist to whom we can consider as bicyclist: Human passenger in bicycle, Cyclist on three or four-wheeled cycle, Recumbent bicyclist, Hand cyclist, A cyclist who dismounts in order to cross as a pedestrian at an intersection, then remounts after crossing.

Here is some major places where to organize bicycle surveys: Transit Stations or Stops, On-Street Bike ways, Employment Areas, Residential Areas, School Areas, Central Business Districts and Major Retail Area.